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Latino Recovery Advocacy (LARA): The mission is to create recovery community organizations, with culturally responsive services and language accessibility.

Three main initiatives: 1. Advocacy

  1. LARA’s Educational Institute
  2. LARA’s Mobile RCO

Services offered in-person and online. We utilize ​social media​ to catapult our message and increase our outreach. We ​collaborate and partner​ with organizations with common agendas to find solutions that will lead to the most significant support for individuals seeking or in recovery.

LARA’s Mobile RCO (Recovery Community Organization)

LARA is designing a mobile RCO to provide culturally competent, bilingual (Spanish/English) recovery support services. Our goal is to partner with Florida-based RCO’s who are unable to meet the Latino community’s needs and offer recovery support services. LARA’s Mobile RCO will assist organizations, and their teams evolve its services to increase the capacity to meet the needs of your community. Recovery on wheels!

The why?​ Our healthcare system in the U.S. must be transformed to provide accessibility and improve health outcomes. There are health disparities that often affect communities of color. Social determinants of health, which include access to cultural-linguistic and competent services, can significantly impact health. To better improve outcomes in the Latino community, LARA wants to partner with agencies to offer educational training (See LARA’s Educational Institute) and peer support services.

  1. To provide bilingual (Spanish), bicultural peer support services
  2. To partner with area RCO or similar organizations
  3. Work collaborative with groups for education and outreach


  1. To impact at least 1,000 individuals in one year
  2. To provide social support and mutual help to individuals in addiction recovery.
  3. To partner with at least 5 RCO (year 1), 8 RCO (year 2), or similar organization
  4. To attend at least eight community events, disseminate information, expand the voice of recovery messaging

Angelo Lagares, Executive Director
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